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Why Slickdeals?

Amazing Deals

A dad shopping for toilet paper caught a rare price mistake on a top retail site, scoring a $6,100 TV for $150. That’s winning!

Trusted Insights

A retired U.S. Navy electrician discovered a deal on the “indestructible” electrical wires he used on F-18’s. Excited, he shared his expertise, giving everyone the confidence to buy.

Product Discovery

Every pet lover dreads dealing with pet hair. That’s why, when a vacuum deal started trending, the deal exploded with comments on which models work better for pets, so everyone shopping benefitted!

At Slickdeals

People make great deals possible, not just algorithms

Every Deal is Sourced and Shared by Real People

Our one of a kind online community and team of skilled editors are obsessed with uncovering great products and every layer of savings. Users share, confirm, and comment on deals so that everyone benefits.

Find the Best Products For the Best Prices

Everyone loves to discover a deal that (almost) no one else knows about. Finding an 80% discount or scoring a luxury trip for a rock bottom price is thrilling. With the community’s votes and commentary you’ll have more confidence in your purchase. That’s winning.

Become a Better Shopper Every Time You Search

Whether you’re window shopping or looking for something specific, you’ll gather intel on the things you need and discover new product you’ll love. Along the way, you’ll receive invaluable wisdom on how to shop smarter and save more.

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Explore deals to uncover the community’s favorite products and prices. Search for things you need and stumble upon new items you’ll love.


Members find, share, vote, and comment on the best deals online every day. Engage with the community by following users, using the Q&A feature to ask fellow users any question, vote on deals, and react with your favorite emojis.


Discover the thrill of the deal by combining discounted prices with the credit card offers, points, and coupons shared by others. At the end of the day, find the best prices for the best products, every time you shop.

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